This is easily the most impressive Godzilla costume to grace a convention floor. Dubbed Project Nautilus, this incredible monstrosity was made by Sean Sumagaysay. As you can see in the construction pictures below, Sam literally started from the ground and worked his way up. The foundation of this project was a pair of digitgrade stilts, apparatus that allow you to walk with the elongated ankle that Godzilla’s legs have.  Sam says he used a pattern that he found on this costuming site.

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A walking test really shows how well he can get around.

After the stilts were built, he began carving and gluing foam into the desired shape around his body. He did an amazing job simply with foam alone. After he got the basic shape where he wanted it, he needed to add fine skin details. This wouldn’t really be Godzilla without scales, right? To do that he went through an arduous process of creating a large patch of dino-skin in clay. This meant making every single scale individually. After that, he created a mold with plaster and used that mold to make strips of scaly latex skin to glue onto the foam.

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All of this hard work paid off. As you can see in these pictures from Puerto Rico Comic Con 2014, he was a big hit. There are many more pictures of both the construction and the display in his facebook albums if you haven’t had enough. He’s also writing up an entire step-by-step process at a site devoted to Godzilla costumes called BecomingGodzilla.com

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