Now that I’ve gotten your attention with these hypnotically looped GIFS, I can tell you how you can make your own seamless GIFs with a tool that automatically finds perfect loops in videos. It’s called Loop Findr and it was created by Electrical and Computer Engineering student Collin Burger in openFramworks.

Since their creation in 1987, animated GIFs have become one of the most popular means of expression on the Internet. They have evolved into their own artistic medium due to their ability to capture a particular feeling and the format’s portable nature. Loop Findr seeks to usher in a new era of seamless GIFs created from loops found in the videos the populate the Internet. Loop Findr is a tool that automatically finds these loops so users can turn them into GIFs that can then be shared all over the Web.

Download Loop Findr and see more example of seamless GIFs here.

[via Prosthetic Knowledge]

Andrew Salomone

Andrew Salomone

Artist, writer, and teacher who makes work about popular culture, technology, and traditional craft processes.

  • Daniel Kim

    Awesome! This is a great way to interact with people online and send them funny images. Maybe add them to a digital presentation for style points.

  • Red__Eye

    Oh my… The pornographic opportunities…

  • Jonathan Wint

    No offence here not meaning to troll but Errhh mmmm No nice way to say this those Gifs look like Mine..I.E. the looping sucks… No I can not do better but I know mine suck.