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Artist Mike Doyle constructed these amazingly detailed—and incredibly creepy—victorian houses entirely out of Lego blocks for his Abandoned Houses series. The houses pictured here are titled Victorian on Mud Heap and Three Story Victorian with Tree, and you can find more information about each piece by visiting his site.
If you’re so inclined, you can also check out Victorian Mud Heap in 3D here. (3D glasses required)
[Via Colossal]

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses



  1. Kristine says:

    if they made these that you could build at home i would SO build one of those!

  2. Sasha Lightfoot-Balla says:

    Very impressive!! My step son is extremely impressed by these as he is a huge lego fan. I bet the leo will come out today!

  3. PennyDog says:

    I just had to Stumble this to my OH- he’s a proper Lego fan :)

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