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  • BriAnna Shultz

    Ugh. Because you CAN hem them. We tall girls can’t do anything to add length. Ten years ago anyone above average height had to stick to one of 3 or 4 brands that made long versions or look like we were getting ready for a flood. (I wish MORE companies made them longer.)

  • CM

    Ehhhh…Why do designers make jeans so long? I wish designers made them longer -_- I’m 6’0 and need at least a 36 inseam which no one sells in popular stores. >_<

  • Kay

    I have both sides of this argument with myself all of the time. I have long legs for a girl, apparently, so I have to buy a longer inseam. With that having been said, the boyfriend has short legs and a longer torso, so he ends up needing to have all of his jeans shortened. While looking at this, the bias tape method looks like it would be awesome if you’re going to hem up kids jeans, I’ll stick to the fold over, sew and cut method for Mike’s jeans. I like still having that original denim hem attached.