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felted hedgehog kit
Patti and I must be on the same wavelength because this week she posted the Crafty Alien Raccoon and today I present my build of the Crafty Alien Hedgehog. This kit would be the perfect project to do with a young aspiring crafter. It has just a little knitting, a little felting and a little embroidery. I must confess that my crafts are predominantly knitting and sewing so I had never felted or embroidered anything. I appreciated that the kit included the major ingredients and un-intimidating instructions. The knitting part was really simple, but I made the mistake of forgetting which part was the head and which was the body. For a first time felter, this project was really easy. You fill a container with warm water and a little soap and squeeze the knitted pieces under the water for about 20 minutes. I had a little more trouble with the embroidery and despite some web research, I think I need a bit more practice.

By the way, that is the closest my cat will ever get to this hedgehog. She is a professional destroyer of all knitted and about-to-be-knitted objects.
In the Maker Shed:

kits Build: Crafty Alien Knitted Felted Hedgehog

Crafty Alien KnitFelt Animals are available in the Maker Shed.

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