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7 Responses to DIY Crocheted Circle Scarf

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  1. samantha on said:

    I love this idea. This would be great for me because I am not that experienced either with a hook.

  2. Looks great! The only thing that I would add is, crochet stitches are generally worked by inserting your hook under BOTH strands of the “V” on top of each stitch (unless the pattern tells you otherwise). It looks like you are only inserting your hook under ONE of the strands, which gives the fabric more stretch and a ribbed texture compared to normal crochet fabric.

  3. Kim, THANK YOU!!! I never knew why on EARTH my work didnt look like everyone elses!! Well, aside from the fact that I am left handed and all my stiches are backwards…but I knew I wasnt doing somehing right…and now I know:) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Thank-you so much for these instructions! I completed my first circle scarf to day and I love it!! I plan on making a few for Christmas presents – easy peasy! LOL!

  5. My first crochet project for a home made gift. I should have read the reviews first – but it turned out OK. It has a twist in it. I still think it turned out pretty cute and will do a few more today!

  6. Do you have to use that size needle or can it be any size?

  7. Do you have to use that size needle or can it be any size?

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