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Inspired by Dutch artist Tord Boontje and your many questions on how to make a papercut lamp like mine, in this video I show you how to create one by hand.
Papercut Lamp-neon.jpg
Tord Boontje is known for his ethereal, whimsical style, so I am going in a different direction and created a modern geometric lamp to stay in the same style genre as my 3D wall sculpture. You can use any design you want and make your lamp with a single layer or several.
papercut lamp-blue-1.jpg
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Meg Allan Cole

Meg Allan Cole

DIY guru

9 Responses to DIY Papercut Lamp Video

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  1. Tracy A. on said:

    How clever! Love this idea!

  2. Ann Martin on said:

    This is just great Meg, thanks!

  3. What a versatile, creative and colorful idea!! Thanks so much for sharing! :))

  4. I do some paper art myself and my mum would like me to make some lampshade/light covers for her, but would I need to buy “fire-proof” paper or something, or is it fine if it just doesn’t touch the bulb?

  5. There are these crafts ladies with these paper cutter printout thingies – I have seen them in scrapbooking videos but as i am not into that kind of stuff i do not know their names or which work best. It may be worth asking around your friends if somebody has one of those.

    This way you could do some intricate pattern and shades without the manual cutting. Craft and all is nice but there is a reason to involve tech sometimes. ;)

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