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spring bluebells 01 Flowers for the Late Winter Blues
While there are a few signs of spring in Northern California, it is still most certainly winter. On Tuesday alone, more than 3 inches of rain fell in my yard. Despite all that, bulbs are starting to bloom. Because more rain is on the horizon, and I won’t be able to spend time in the garden enjoying all my flowers, I decided to bring them indoors! I used two types of hyacinth- their deep colors and heavenly scent are the perfect cure for my late winter blues.
spring bluebells 02 Flowers for the Late Winter Blues
This is a really casual looking arrangement, but I didn’t achieve it by just tossing flowers in a vase. To get an idea for my design, I began by setting out the flowers on the table. I grouped the blooms by height, and separated the stems that curved. I placed the straighter flowers in the center first, then added the curving stems one at a time to the sides. The result is full and flowing at the same time.

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