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  1. Martine says:

    Thanks for the mention :-)

  2. Becky says:

    Hello I am a fairly knew knitter and I actually have NEVER made socks yet… needless to say..I don’t have much sock weight yarn in my stash that i have used yet…I mostly have made shawls and cowls and more cowls. I don’t have much to swap in the way of sock yarn but if you have extra to spare to get me started on this on patchwork quilt I would love it. I am knew to how all these postings work so all your scraps may be gone..but i thought it worth asking or maybe you can direct me where or who to go to for free scrap or tidbit sock yarn to get me going…I am currently unemployed so can’t buy yarn right now! :( I am not sure how to post to this so everyone in the forum can see I might need scraps.) you can e-mail me at or message meow find me under “fembeck” on ravelry and I can send you my address I live in Portland. Thanks for any and all your help! Happy knitting!