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This crocheted cat cave from Hanne at Eilen Tein is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! My two feline fur balls would definitely love to curl up their own cozy crocheted space. It’s the perfect place for all of their favorite activities: hiding, playing, and snoozing.
Head on over to Eilen Tein to see the full pattern. The instructions in English are at the bottom of the post.
[Via Twitter]

Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

16 Responses to How-To: Crocheted Cat Cave

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  1. Margaret Astbury on said:

    This is fantastic and thank you for the English translation. I am definitely going to have a go but I have never heard of carpet yarn. What ply would this be?

  2. Andrea Fischer on said:

    Idea here~ You could make a square type plastic plumbing pipe construction / crocheted hammock on top of it to stop the cat from being squished by a pouncing Kitty. :-)

  3. Margaret– It looks a lot like bulky weight roving wool yarn to me. -Haley on CRAFT

  4. Great idea! -Haley on CRAFT

  5. Red Heart Vivid has worked for me. Has anyone found anything else that is strong enough to make it out of? I am struggling to find anything else.

  6. I’m not able to see/find the English version of the how too.

  7. ??? can’t find the pattern in english ?

  8. cat bed why not strips of cotton like the rag rugs were made of.. that is what I’m going to use…why can’t i find the English directions

    • Hm. I just looked, and the instructions in English are still there, just above the last photo in the post. But, if you’re not finding them, you might want to try running the site through Google Translate.

      Re: Materials: I’m sure strips of cotton would work fine too–getting creative with the materials is half the fun of starting a new project!

      -Haley on CRAFT

  9. I finished round 3 and have 24 stitches like it says but then when I do round 4 I end up having more than 32 stitches I followed the 2sc, 2 SC in one St.. am I missing something or doing it wrong

    • I haven’t personally tried the pattern, so I’m unable to offer help. I’d recommend leaving this comment on the original project post on the Eilen Tein site to see if the designer of the pattern can help clear things up. -Haley on CRAFT

  10. I am having the same problem as nikki, and can’t get beyond the 3rd round. It’s a mystery. Anyone figure it out?
    I am experimenting with “yarn” using cotton clothesline that is 3/16th of an inch in diameter. So far it seems to work. I suppose one could dye the rope if color was desired.

  11. I figured it out! When she says, *2sc, 2sc in one st* it means,
    *sc, sc, 2sc in one st.” On rnd 4 you are going from 24 stitches to 32 stitches so you are increasing 8 stitches. Every 3rd stitch you are adding one stitch. 24 divided by 3 equals 8.
    Same idea for other rounds such as 6, 8 10, etc. where she says, *2sc, 2sc in one st.*

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