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craftzine easter tree 21b How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Eggs have long been a cherished symbol for celebrating the renewal and fertility of spring. This year, I used them to create an elaborate seasonal centerpiece for my home: a glittering woodland egg tree.
craftzine easter tree 19 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Working with fresh eggs requires a gentle touch. Hollowing them requires enough force to push through the eggshell, but not so much force that you crack the whole egg open. Practice makes perfect!

craftzine easter tree 01 How To: Glittering Egg Tree


Sharp tool for piercing eggshells
Ear syringe
Bowl for collecting egg yolk
Wire with a loop bent at one end
Tree branch
Flower pot
Craft moss

craftzine easter tree 05 How To: Glittering Egg Tree


Step 1: Cut the cardboard into narrow strips. Cut notches in the ends of the strips, and fit them together to form egg holders. Make one holder for each egg that you plan to glitter.
craftzine easter tree 07 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Step 2: Pierce ends of the egg with a sharp tool. I used a strange awl that I had on hand, but you can use a large needle, or a razor blade.
craftzine easter tree 08 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Step 3: The most simple way to drain the yolk and whites from the egg is to blow into one of the holes and force the contents out the other. This can be exhausting, so make it easier on yourself by using an ear syringe. Squeeze the bulb of the ear syringe, gently pushing the egg from the shell. Save the eggs and use them for making a delicious quiche! Rinse the egg shells with water, and then let them dry.
craftzine easter tree 09 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Step 4: Hold the egg with your thumb and forefinger and paint the egg with glue.
craftzine easter tree 10 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
craftzine easter tree 11 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Step 5: Cover the entire egg with lots of glitter! It will be almost impossible to do this in the first pass, mostly because you have to touch the egg to coat it. So set the egg aside to dry, and then give it a touch up and a second coat. The second layer of glitter really makes them sparkle.
craftzine easter tree 14 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Step 6: Cut 8″ of ribbon for each egg. Tie the ends together in a double knot.
craftzine easter tree 15 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
craftzine easter tree 16 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Step 7: Use a piece of wire 6″ long, with a loop at one end, to thread the ribbon though the glitter eggs. You want a loop at the top of the egg, and the knot at the bottom. Push the wire though both holes, then hook the ribbon and pull it up through the top of the egg.
craftzine easter tree 22 How To: Glittering Egg Tree
Step 8: Fill the flower pot with tree branches and moss. Then simply hang the sparkly eggs on your tree. I added a butterfly for an extra touch of spring!

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