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This utilitarian jewelry rack by Just Sew Sassy is the answer to the never ending problem of the lost earring. Make a fun, personalized jewelry rack out of an old oven rack. After cleaning my bathroom and bedroom I realized just how many pairs of earrings I have hidden away in my house. They are sitting in an old plastic container waiting to be liberated. This awesome new project is the perfect solution; maybe my earrings might just stay on the rack.

6 Responses to How To: Oven Rack to Jewelry Rack

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  1. KarenTX on said:

    Use some small ‘S’ hooks to hang the necklaces from. You won’t have to worry about hooking them around the rack each time!

  2. Dumpster Diva on said:

    I use wire CD racks for earring holders. they work great

  3. NicoleW on said:

    Perfect! I’ve been experimenting with hanging necklaces up on Christmas ornament hooks, and this is the perfect thing to hang them on. At about $2 for 100 hooks, if I could only find a spare oven rack this would be practically free!

  4. Thanks for featuring my oven rack upcycle:)

  5. Anyone have any ideas on where to get a cheap and clean oven rack? I don’t want to comb the entire city but I do want something cheap.

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