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Hopefully everyone was able to catch our own Becky Stern on the very first episode of Make: Live last night! A gang of us here in the Mitten gathered ’round the laptop to watch the show. What goes best with Internet TV? Homemade, deep-fried Oreos and mini Twinkies topped with Make-themed food picks. Courtesy of my printer, these food picks were a hit with our party.



  1. Becky Stern says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever been atop a party snack before! These are fab, Lish, made my day. =]

  2. Matt Mets says:

    I smell a make live party snack competition coming on!

  3. teejiepuff says:

    The title “Live Party Snacks” is a little disturbing :)

  4. Lish Dorset says:

    Ha, yikes! I never thought of the title like that!

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