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By Lish Dorset
Every now and then at the holidays I decide I want brand-new ornaments to add to my eclectic collection. It’s not the most cost-effective decorating method, so I started to think about how I could make inexpensive ornaments to glitz up the tree. Paint swirl glass ornaments are quick to make and easy on your wallet.

swirl ornament 1 Project: Paint Swirl Glass Ornaments


Craft paint I used Martha Stewart Decorative Arts paint by Plaid.
1 Plastic container I used a take-out container I had planned on recycling.
Craft glass ornaments They come in a variety of sizes.
swirl ornament 2 Project: Paint Swirl Glass Ornaments
Step 1: Apply a liberal amount of paint into the container.
swirl ornament 3 Project: Paint Swirl Glass Ornaments
Step 2: Take your ornament and roll it back and forth in the paint. If you see a blank spot as you’re working, continue rolling.
swirl ornament 4 Project: Paint Swirl Glass Ornaments
Step 3: Pull the ornament out of the paint carefully. Double check that there aren’t any uncovered spots and that it looks the way you want it to.
swirl ornament 5 Project: Paint Swirl Glass Ornaments
Step 4: To dry your ornament, use the top of the packaging that the blank ornaments came in, paint side up. Let dry completely for a few hours.
swirl ornament main Project: Paint Swirl Glass Ornaments
Step 5: Once the ornament is dry, add a piece of ribbon or twine and hang on your tree! Try adding decorations to the inside, too. Here I mixed paper confetti I made with sequins.
See Lish’s complimentary project, posted yesterday, on how to make a Folk Art-Inspired Ornament Tree.
About the Author:
Lish Dorset loves to craft and inspire others around her craft (including her cat Ronnie), too. She’s a staff writer for CRAFT and a lover of Maker Faire. A lifelong Michigan resident, Lish is a part of Handmade Detroit, a DIY gang that’s been hosting the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Michigan’s first indie craft fair, since 2006. While she loves all crafting mediums, she spends most of her time sewing, quilting, and finding ways to involve a glass of wine in her projects.

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