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  1. Dominique Du Sablon says:

    Unbelievable!!!! Doesn’t look even a little bit like plastic spoons! You could make all kinds of things with these.

  2. Yvonne da Silva says:

    Thank you Meg for sharing my tutorial! It’s a privilege to be featured on the Blog of Craftzine!

  3. Tracy A. says:

    How very clever!

  4. Tatti says:

    Love it but how do I make it my self?

  5. Meg Allan Cole says:

    As with ALL of our blog posts featuring other blogger’s or crafter’s projects, we include the link to the original project so as to give credit where credit is due. Simply click on the link of the name of the website and that will take you to the original tutorial. Thanks so much!

  6. Lady Luxe Designs says:

    Would be super cute as a broach or something.

  7. rose says:

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