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Brian Sawyer at Hackszine shows us some cool tips on how we can optimize our iChat to send one-way video that’s perfect to teach crafting techniques such as knitting.

Brian says:

For example, crafts like knitting are notoriously hard to teach without visual cues, and even the most detailed books often suffer from their lack of moving pictures. When I learned to knit, I used books as a crutch, but actually learning required sitting next to my mother-in-law to see how it was done. Even now, when I hit a roadblock with a new technique, I need to wait till the next time we’re together. But if we had a feature like this, we likely wouldn’t have to wait. I could just “look over her shoulder” as she described what she was doing.

Check out Brian’s video as well as technical tips on how you can do this too. Link.



  1. creative-goddess says:

    Very cool! Can’t wait to show my other artist friends how to publicize their techniques!
    Lisa Stewart

  2. thephantombloggerstrikes says:

    Great idea! Thanks. :)

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