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Hi Crafters! Here it is — our new website! We hope you enjoy visiting us here each day to catch up with our blog as well as our previous magazine sections Handmade, Curio, Bazaar, Travel Crafty, 101and Quick Craft that are now online and ready to provide you with more crafty goodness!
Launchpost Calendar
The new Calendar section, (pictured above) features all the upcoming craft events and fairs coming to a city near you. Our Projects area, let’s you easily browse through all of our recent DIY projects and on every page you’ll be able to go to specific crafting categories, archives, and search for what you want! You’ll also be able to go to our Craft Podcast: Videos and Patterns area directly from the top navigation.

Our Crafter section has a brand new profile on Anna Maria Horner. Find out about her inspiration, her new Little Folks Fabric line, and how she juggles work and her six kids!
Week of Giveaways!
Launchgiveaway Yudu
Sign up for the CRAFT: Newsletter and be entered in our giveaways each day this week! Today we’ll be giving away a Yudu from Provo Craft! All entries close at 8am PST, December 2nd. Stay tuned tomorrow morning and the rest of the week to see what other cool goodies we are giving away!

15 Responses to Welcome to the New CRAFT!

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  1. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts on said:

    It looks awesome! Did you program it, Natalie?

  2. Natalie Zee Drieu on said:

    Thanks Heather! I didn’t do the programming – our webmaster, Tatia did a great job doing so!

  3. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts on said:

    Do you mind if I ask what CMS? Just curious!

  4. Natalie Zee Drieu on said:

    We have our own one that was built within O’Reilly.

  5. gretchen/juneatnoon on said:

    This might be a silly question, but if I’m already subscribed to the newsletter, does that count as an entry for the Yudu?
    The new site looks great!

  6. GTIChick on said:

    I’ll be the dissenter – I think the new design is way too cluttered. The various colors are great for the header, but the right side menu, when on a page with a busy image, is just too much. Thank goodness for RSS….

  7. I’m using Firefox 3.5.5 on a MacBookPro and the new site is pretty majorly broken in it. Looks like maybe some floats are wonking the whole thing out. I’m happy to send along screen shots if it would help.

  8. It looks good, guys, thanks for all your work!!

  9. claudi from berlin on said:

    honestly, your blog before was well organized and good looking. now it is like a mess. hard to see everything in a first glance. before this was possible. you still have your colours and signdesign. but the layout is now impossible. sry to say so. i´m a designer too and i´m disappointed. i will still read it.

  10. Becky Stern on said:

    I’m curious how you would improve the site, claudi! Maybe you’re just reacting to the change? A new navigation from what you’re used to can be confusing at first, but it doesn’t make it bad. Give it a few weeks! =]

  11. Becky Stern on said:

    And we use Moveable Type for the blog, which dovetails with our custom site CMS. And yeah, Tatia did a wonderful job!

  12. Becky Stern on said:

    Yep, you’re already entered if you’re already subscribed! =]

  13. Honey Thistle on said:

    i love the new design – it’s so much more organized! now I’m aware of other parts of the side aside from the blog as well :) Having followed craftzine for the last 4 years, this facelift is much appreciated.

  14. Becky Stern on said:

    Refresh, is it ok now?

  15. Monica A on said:

    I love it.
    And it is much faster

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