Laser Oscilloscope Wraps up Year of Hacks

Congrats to MAKE pal Dino Segovis, who just published the 52nd and final project in his one-year Hack a Week series: This cool laser "oscillograph" that modulates an audio input across the beam from a green laser pointer using a linear actuator recovered from a junk hard drive. A spinning... Read more »

How-To: Use a Stepper Motor as a DC Generator

MAKE pal Dino Segovis brings us this handy tutorial on running a stepper motor in “reverse,” i.e. turning the shaft mechanically in order to generate electrical power, instead of the normal usage. He writes: Any electric motor will also output a voltage when it’s freely spinning. Stepper motors are much... Read more »

Make: Live 4/27/11 — Karts and Wheels (video)

Make: Live ep07 is all about projects from the new MAKE v26, Karts & Wheels! Thanks to our guests Mark Frauenfelder, Jared Ficklin, Nick Raymond and Eric Chu. Catch up on video and notes from the show here. Subscribe to the MAKE Podcast in iTunes, download Make: Live episode 07... Read more »