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A unique tool for builders, carpenters, and home improvement amateurs and professionals. It enables estimating roof areas safely and quickly from the ground. Easy to use. Fast to make. Simple and durable.


I design home additions. Knowing the pitch of a roof is a critical step in designing an addition or estimating roof areas for shingles, insulation and ventilation requirements. Figuring the roof area is a lot easier and safer with this tool.



Step #1:

  • This is a unique and simple tool that makes estimating roof areas and roof pitch easy and safe.
  • Glue to card stock, drill or punch holes and fasten together with small rivets or screw post binders from the hardware store.

Step #2:


Step #3:


OK, if you really would like to give this and want to make it as good and durable as possible, go to a copy center like Staples or OfficeMax and have it printed in color on No-Tear paper. It really is the best; it costs about $1.50 and is worth every penny. Also try to find some thin vinyl (re-purposed) rather than card stock for the backing material. I have not tried it yet but hot laminating with 5 or 10 mil and cutting it at the copy center would work nicely, I think.


Print out the PDF, Glue to card stock, drill or punch holes, fasten together with small rivets or screw post binders from the hardware store

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