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Animatronic Pokemon Props

I made some Pokemon. Well, I made some Pokemon move. The Pokemon themselves where crocheted by sam over at Sam & Rae Crafts. I made some bits of skeleton using steel wire and solder.

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  • Time Required: Two Hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
Animatronic Pokemon Props

Making moving props out of wire and solder and servos.



Step #1:

Animatronic Pokemon Props
  • Bend wire into a loop the size of the body, making a frame.
  • Make a servo bracket out of wire and solder it to the frame.
  • Make a hinge by loosely winding wire around the frame. Constrain by soldering blobs of solder near the hinge.
  • Attach to servo horn with a section of steel cable.


A more through writeup can be found here.