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Arduino Survival Tin

Build an Arduino survival tin full of everything you need!

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  • Category: Arduino
  • Time Required: A weekend
  • Difficulty: Moderate


Step #1:


Be cautious when you work with Arduino boards as they are sensitive to static electrical discharge.

Step #2: Gather parts from shops or out of old junk.

Arduino Survival Tin

I recommend Maplin and eBay.

Step #3: Shortening leads.

Arduino Survival Tin

If your USB cable needs to be shorter, fire up the soldering iron!

Step #4: Off-board components.

Arduino Survival Tin

Components such as servos will require tinned wires to connect to the Arduino. Back to the soldering iron!

Step #5: Pack it all up!

  • Get your tin and arrange the components in it.
  • You might want to include a battery snap and battery in the tin.

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