Step #1: Things to know about working with hydraulics:

CEB Shaker Hydraulics Assembly
  • Thread tape is necessary between each connection unless otherwise stated.
  • Always wrap thread tape clockwise when facing the threaded portion.
  • Always keep the end caps on hoses and fittings until you need to take them off. They need to stay protected inside.

Step #2:

CEB Shaker Hydraulics AssemblyCEB Shaker Hydraulics AssemblyCEB Shaker Hydraulics Assembly
  • Attach all of the fittings and the 2 hoses to the Tee, except the small swivel.
  • Tighten the tee assembly into the correct port (see the photo)
  • Install the swivel and tighten the small hose to it.
  • The swivel doesn't need thread tape.
  • Put the other 36" hose into the remaining port on the motor.