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Electronics Parts Storage

I needed a better way to store and find resistors, diodes etc.I had a drawer that was too shallow to use for most things but found it perfect for this project.

Electronics Parts Storage



Step #1:

Electronics Parts StorageElectronics Parts StorageElectronics Parts StorageElectronics Parts Storage

I used 3/4" MDF for this and routed out the cavities for the parts with a 1/2" round bit on a router table. The slots are every 1 inch on center and about 5/16" deep. That leaves 1/2" between the slots to put the labels for the contents of the slot. The slots are about 3" long to accommodate 1/4 watt resistors and diodes.

  • This resistor storage drawer is really useful in organizing all the tiny little parts for easy retrieval, anytime. Now, you can never find any missing diodes or spare parts anymore, especially with the helpful labels. That fact will really save a lot of trouble in finding the right piece and save a lot of time as well. I think this kind of storage concept can be used for many other purposes as well like screws and nuts, and other possible tiny items that get misplaced or mixed up easily.