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Small Amp

Simple LM386 Amp circuit that's powered by a 9v battery and some ways to encase it.

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  • Category: Music
  • Time Required: 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate


Step #1:

Small Amp
  • Here is a sketch of the circuit I use. It's not drawn in any traditional sense. But it helped me visualize what I was trying to accomplish.
  • The 10uf cap marked "optional" is best left out unless you're looking to use this as a guitar amp.

Step #2:

Small Amp
  • Lay out the circuit on the perfboard.
  • Make a rough guess at how much board you need.
  • Score your board several times with the X-acto knife and break off what you need.

Step #3:

Small AmpSmall AmpSmall Amp
  • With everything in place, bend the leads of the components to accommodate soldering.
  • Leave the LM386 out of the socket so as not to burn it up with heat (personal experience).
  • Solder away!

Step #4:

Small Amp
  • Add a power source (9 volt battery)
  • Audio Jack
  • and speaker(s)

Step #5:

Small Amp
  • Test circuit.
  • Add any last-minute items (on/off switch, LEDs, etc.).

Step #6:

Small AmpSmall AmpSmall AmpSmall Amp
  • Build an encasement.
  • I am not promoting smoking,
  • But this is a very easy and compact project box.

Step #7:

Small AmpSmall AmpSmall AmpSmall Amp

Assemble with hot glue.

  • Alek

    Yeah like I said the schematic is not drawn in any traditional sense. Its more of a note of what to solder where. I should probably fix it one day. Thanks for the input and correction.

  • Alek

    I haven’t been doing much with electronics lately, but it sounds like you may have burn’t up the LM386 during soldering. I did this twice before I realized what was happening. Other than that check some other specs online, this is just one example, and good luck to ya.

  • routh

    can I use a jrc4558d??? I don’t know much about Ics or circuits,its just that I’ve a couple of them lying around so…?!

  • Cameron

    Would I be able to add a 10w 8Ohm speaker to it without having to change anything?


    nice one..

  • http://y Michelle

    Hi Alek, What is the size of the speaker you used, watts, and ohms?

  • http://yahoo yugansh

    pls make a circiut in correct way with corret symbol

  • zazacd

    can i change LM 368 with someone else