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New Project: Sun Logger

Learn how to add persistent storage to an Arduino, add a light level sensor, and turn it into a data logging gadget.

New Project: Sun Logger

A data logger is a device that is left to run for long periods of time, making regular measurements of external sensors.

We’ll be using the Arduino microcontroller and a homemade "shield" (an Arduino accessory board) to create a device that gathers data on light-brightness in an area and how it changes over time.

Steve Hobley

Steve Hobley

This week, I have been mostly working on...

I've been tinkering around with bits of technology since I was five years old. I used to take the telephone apart at home, just to see how it worked.

After a couple of years I could even put it back together again - and sometimes it would continue to work.

  • Manuel Alonso Frias

    Links don’t work.

  • puru

    Thanks! But where is the source code?

  • MFindley
  • Meshaa

    Hi MFindley,
    Hi Steve,

    this link only for data logger SD card , where’s the source code for the sensor ?

  • jim

    Links don’t work.

  • ricardo correia

    I rode the circuit of the datalogger and this not working. already checked all connections and everything is like in tuturial. The message on the serial: Card failed, or not present. What could be the problem? I am grateful that can help me, I’m doing a project for school. thank you

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  • ksdoug

    First as a comment at you tube noted, there are no links associated with the appropiate text.

    Second. While I don’t want to be critical of the “doers”, but I wished they would stop using the Arduino as an expensive circuit component.. While I haven’t looked lately Adafruit used to carry a Zero Insertion Force Socket for $3.00. According the the produvt description, it willfit into the existing socket As far as I know ut would allow one Uno program ATmega328s until the cows come home. As best I can tell the programmed with associated comments to use it in the circuit rather than a full blown Uno could be as much low as 25% of the cost of the Uno.

    The reason for my compaint this project could used to introduce students to so many things. Circcuit design and contruct. Micro processors, and programming the,. Even if the only copy the code fro from a computer screen display or paper print out, they are bound to learn something or ask questions why. The complete project will introduce student gathering data to be in used in science,and how to make use of the data.

    Yea teacher can use the circuit to make anew one that incorporates the ATmega328. However where I live techers are expect to attend every school sporting event or othe wxtraculucular activity at every grade level. Dpring the techers of the personal free time they could devote to the subjects they teach. The biggest reason I rejected considering teaching as a career. I’d like to urge those who create projects to be mindful of any utility the project may have for teaching, and keep the costs as low as possible to allow more to reproduce the project.

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