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This kit is amazingly cool and easy to use. POV (persistence of vision) displays show words or patterns that seem to float in mid-air; if you’ve ever seen one, you know what a great effect it is. A line of LEDs flashes the Y component of what you’re displaying, and you provide the X by moving across the field of view — now you see it, now you don’t. With the Red Blinky POV, you don’t need to do any programming to set the message you want to display: just enter your text into a dedicated web page and hold the Blinky up to your monitor. The onboard pre-programmed microcontroller and light sensors on the back eliminate the need for a programming cable.

Paul Spinrad

Paul Spinrad

Paul Spinrad is a broad-spectrum enthusiast, writer, maker, and dad who lives in San Francisco. He hatches schemes at

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