WFMU is a public radio station in New Jersey that has great eclectic programs . For instance, one show plays old Edison wax cylinders. The station also has an excellent blog, called Beware the Blog. I was reading a entry on it about high-end MP3 recording equipment, and in the comments section, someone mentioned the Archos Jukebox Recorder, a 20Gb MP3 player that you can buy for about $250. The interesting thing about this device is the alternative operating system for that’s been created by a community of Archos users. It’s called Rockbox. The commentor says “The replacement interface can even play games like tetris and solitaire. (It can announce menus by a robotic user-configurable voice…it can even play videos that are converted to a special format – though on a small LCD the results are far from satisfying.)” This sounds really interesting. If you’ve had experience with this system, please tell me about it by posting in the comments.