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Bag to the Future: Sew a Trendy Messenger Bag With Light-Up LED Animations
Build an illuminated, animated, tessellated tote using LED pebble lights and 3D-printed fabric.

Makezine Tortilla Press with Brookelynn Morris 01
Taking a look at the press, it is evident how to use it. And with a few photos and simple steps, I am thrilled to teach you how to make your own tortilla press. The best part- you can make your own incredible tortillas with it for years and generations to come.

Walk This Way: DIY Mobility Walker
Mobility walkers can be expensive. Build your own personalized, strength-tested version for less.

Electronics Fun & Fundamentals: Change Sensor
Find coins and other treasure with a DIY metal detector circuit.

Toy Inventor’s Notebook: Mystic Emoji Fortune Teller
Make this pocket-sized prognosticator and let cute emojis guide your future!

Harvest Disposable Vape Batteries
Give trendy products destined for e-waste a second life.

Toy Inventor’s Notebook: Fun With Pop-Up Stamps
Re-create this trick postage stamp to make pop-up toys and cards.

Amateur Scientist: Listening to Light
Over the years I’ve designed many electronic circuits that transform steady (DC) or modulated (AC) beams of light into sound.

Squishy Circuits: The Soft Matrix
Make soft touch pads and panels in conductive fabric to control wearables, LEDs, and more

DIY Graffiti Projector
“Guerrilla projection, pioneered by artists and advertisers, has been increasingly embraced by activists in recent years as a new medium for delivering messages.

Anyone Can Use AI
Build your first AI project using a micro:bit board and Google's Teachable Machine

Ginormous Froebel Blocks
Super-size a classic teaching toy and put the play back in playground