GrapesAppleBlock.jpgThis fruit looks like an Apple, but tastes like a grape. It’s called a Grapple. At first I thought it might be some genetically altered fruit (something I’d want to try, ya know, for science). But upon further inspection, it’s actually a Washington Extra Fancy Fuji Apple dipped in concentrated Concord grape flavor and water for a few days. So there it is, you can make a Grapple at home. I’m now thinking I could also make my own fruit mash-ups with other juices. Crapple…

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  1. I saw these at the grocery store a few weeks back, and immediately thought of an old Bobcat Goldwaith bit where he talks about people trying to get him to try eating snake, squirrel, and other things by saying, “It tastes just like chicken.”

    “If I wanted chicken I’d eat a f**kin’ chicken!”

    The remarkable thing was that the grapples were *right* next to the grapes.

  2. They are artificially flavored. It says so right on the package.
    I could smell these things an aisle away.
    I couldn’t figure out where the heavy smell
    was coming from until I discovered the Grapples.
    They are weird. I almost bought a pack for the novelty factor, but
    I didn’t want to plunk down $4 for a 4-pack. They didn’t sell singles
    and I didn’t want to waste my money on bad fruit.
    It’s a dumb name too. I know they want you to say
    “Grape-l”, but that’s not how it reads.

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