Solar Death Ray

SDR.jpgWhat do you get when you combine some particle board, 112 mirrors and our closest star? The Solar Death Ray. Each of the tiny mirrors are angled to hit one area (the target). The Solar Death Ray can heat the target up to 500-600 degrees Celsius (930-1100 degrees Fahrenheit). More about the tech here, and some target gallery action here (burnt stuff).

0 thoughts on “Solar Death Ray

  1. Didn’t I see this one on the Mythbusters? Only, their death-ray didn’t work so well as I recall. I suppose as long as you can tie your victim down and then take a few minutes to explain your plot to destroy the world in detail, then it would work great.

  2. Its seriously lame not to post any plans to make one. It seems like this could be easily modified to be a steam generator that would produce a nice amount of green energy. Anyone know where to find info on building one?

  3. how do i make a death ray. If u got a website that explains, email me (

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