The Pixel Roller

roller.jpg[Via WMMNA] This is the one of the most incredible projects you absolutely need to see. The Pixel Roller “rolls” out a picture in any direction on any surface using phosophescent ink which will eventually fad away. Check out the video here and gallery here.

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  1. Holy cow!!! Movable type is an AWFUL way to have people participate in a discussion.

    I can-t use an apostraphe in my postings.

    So I

  2. ARGHHHHHHHHH. I was trying to tell you how this thing works, but your blog software is horrible.

    I give up!

  3. It-s probably Internet-Explorer compatible or something like that.

    I-m using Firefox 1.0.1 on a Fedora-Core-3 Linux distribution.

    Windows-only? What are you using?

  4. I saw something similar a while back, but have since lost the link… It was a contraption that was made from five spraypaint cans and rolled along the ground. As the machine creeped across a parking lot, it would paint “pixels” to spell out a pre-determined message.

    Anyone know of the link?

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