Making a magnetic stripe card reader

mag.jpgMake Flickr pool member apbeatty is making a magnetic stripe card reader and documenting it as he puts it together. Here’s a bit about the project from issue 01. If you have a project you’re making from the magazine, or any project join the photo group and post on up!

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  1. Hey Phil – with all the coverage on magstripe card readers, in the first issue of Make and the recent articles, I thought I would point out the Flash based application I put together this past July, for parsing AAMVA formatted drivers license info from the back of drivers licenses. Full source and info available HERE – Interfacing Flash with the Real World Part 1: Magnetic Stripes and Barcodes all released under Creative Commons 2.0. There is also some included source for using a laser based bar code scanner with Flash to parse and retrieve information on UPC barcodes from a free UPC code database.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the tutorial, I read it in the first issue but am a novice when it comes to circuit board making etc, I wondered if you could put me in the right direction of any books or sites to help me make sense of what you did for the magnetic strip reader circuit board. I couldn

  3. hi i am searching for the cicuit for magnetic paascard maker, i read ur artical for magnetic paascard reader i found it very interesting.please help me to find the circuit by sugessting some site.

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