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PSP 2.0 Update is out, here’s what you lose…

System Updates2 Head2-1 DDRLord says it best, here’s why NOT updating the PSP to crippleware 2.0 is better- you’d lose “…a web browser, an SNES, an NES, a Lynx, a Gameboy Color, a Gameboy Advance, a Neo Geo CD, a Turbo Grafx 16, a Genesis, a Master System, a Game Gear, a Neo Geo Pocket, and Amiga, a Chip8 system, an MSX, MAME, a Wonderswan, a VMU, Nethack, Angband, ToME, an eBook reader, a calculator, a scheduler, a calendar, Scumm games, a Sudoku game, a portable VNC client, an X86 emulator, irda transfer programs, remote controls, vCard reader, FTP server, avi player, advanced music player, drum kits, file browsers, an easy to learn coding environment, graphic changing program, a fullscreen movie player, a scrabble assistant, a notepad, a dictionary, and all that other garbage. Link and update (don’t do it).

4 thoughts on “PSP 2.0 Update is out, here’s what you lose…

  1. While all this may be true, you do get a very nice web browser (much better than the one in Wipeout) that allows you to run javascript and get to many more pages and webapps than you have listed above.

    I made the n00bi3 mistake of updating my firmware to 1.52 the day after I got my PSP, then spent the rest of the time (since May) waiting to no avail for someone to make homebrew available for 1.52. I got tired of waiting. It isn’t very fun if you are left out of the party…

    I am looking forward to someone really making the PSP useful by getting homebrew working on 2.0 firmware. I would even pay for it. :)

    Enjoying my PSP very much,

  2. I have to agree with Ray, it’s not so clear a decision if you aren’t lucky enough to have the hackable 1.50 firmware. I’d been reading about all the cool PSP hacking going on for some time, and eventually decided to dive in and get one to hack around with at Defcon this year. Much to my dismay the one I got turned out to *come with* 1.51, so I’m SOL on hacking it for now. I’ve downloaded the 2.0 update, but not yet installed it, in the hopes that this good news will turn into great news that lets me run my own code on 2.0. Until then, my only other options are to hope v1.51 is cracked, or to hope for a way to downgrade the firmware. Until then, I’m still SOL, and upgrading to 2.0 so I can at least get the browser is genuinely tempting.

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