How to make things?

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How to make things?

WoodworkingAsk MetaFilter has an excellent question (How to make things?) with some great replies – “I’m looking for books that tell general building techniques, for example, how to weld, basic wood working principles, how to fabricate things, etc. Also, websites or blogs that cover that sort of thing would be nice. Also, I’d prefer books that suggest ways to build things without a lot of tools (For example, I own a circular saw and a Jigsaw but no table saw). In short: I’m looking for things that will teach me basic building techniques from wood to metal and electronics.” Link.

0 thoughts on “How to make things?

  1. georgebunyan says:

    Thats great!

    If only I used AIM. Any chance for us Jabber/Google Talk users?

  2. cindywong says:

    Cool! Any chance of open-sourcing the bot?

  3. autumnsweater says:

    Kind of unrelated question, but…does anybody know what application that’s a screenshot from?

  4. philliptorrone says:

    it’s adium on a mac.

  5. autumnsweater says:

    Nevermind, found it.

  6. cowbell says:

    Foolish question: How do you sign up?

  7. cowbell says:

    I mean, how do non-AIM/iChat folks sign up?
    I am using Adium on a Mac.

  8. philliptorrone says:

    cowbell, i use adium too – go to contact > add contact and select AIM and type MAKEbot.


  9. ekai says:

    very cool. anyone know if there are similar bots for google or wikipedia? even better, one bot to rule them all!

  10. moehlert says:

    I think it would be great if you could give you some additional information on how the bot was made. Love you guys and all but for MAKE, this explanation – “The MAKEbot was made with Perl” feels a bit brief.. :-)



  11. Dossy says:

    One of my bots, the “AIM IRC Bridge” screen name on AIM, has known how to parse “google for ” for a long time now.

    That bot’s primary purpose is to link an AIM chat room “AOLserver” with the IRC channel #aolserver.

    My bots are made with Tcl. :-)

  12. says:

    Funny things happen when an away message is left up by the user…

  13. says:

    In the true spirit of making, is the source to the MAKE bot available? I’m curious to check it out. :-)

  14. yummyx687985 says:

    heyy everybody i cont even know what this site is haaaa


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