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HOW TO – Emulate the Telezapper on your voice mail

ZapperHere’s how to emulate the telezapper by using SIT tones on your answering machine or voice mail messages…“Predictive Dialers are used by telemarketing firms to gain more ‘dialing efficiency’. About 75% of junk calls are made with a predictive dialer (PD). One thing a PD does, is monitor what happens when the phone is answered. The Telezapper can emit a ‘disconnect’ tone when your phone line goes off-hook. The tone it transmits is either a single ‘ultra-modulated’ tone or an actual set of 3 ‘Special Information Tones’ (S.I.T.) common to the telecommunications industry: depending on the setting you seletct. It works… now… in some situations. You can get a set of all three Special Information Tones from Private Citizen. Just record the tones at the beginning of your answering machine message and put your greeting right after it.” Link.

8 thoughts on “HOW TO – Emulate the Telezapper on your voice mail

  1. This is so “10 years ago”. Many companies now just ignore the S.I.T tones, especially if there is a normal message after them (simple voice recognition has come a long way, it’s easy to tell your personal greeting from the phone companies canned message)..

    1. Whether it is 10 or 20 years ago. They STILL use the SIT tones! That device is valid the as it is now. It mimicks a dead line. GOD your such a time conformist! Very Bad!

    1. Glad to see sum1 is doing their research! Many out of total stupidity say its ‘old’.. They must be running WIndows 7 or 8 too! :)

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