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The 2006 Knitting Olympics

Want a fun way to watch the Winter Olympics? Yarn Harlot has started the 2006 Knitting Olympics where anyone who wants to participate must cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympic games on Feb 10th and have the project finished by the time the Olympic flame goes out on Feb 26th. Everyone who completes their project in time, gets the gold medal (for your blog). [via] Link.

2 thoughts on “The 2006 Knitting Olympics

  1. I have the urge to compete in the knitting Olympics. Gives me a reason not to just to lie around and moan. I will know during the Olympics if a bone graft will happen to help repair a broken ankle. Instead of feeling sorry about the situation – knit a shrug and if Olympics still on to discover how much of a sock I can knit. Think of the challenge – maybe knitting surrounded by medical equipment, but relaxing in bed watching the games AND knitting!!
    Almost a holiday…..

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