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HOW TO – Furious contact microphone assembly

FinalErinys writes “Here’s how to build a contact microphone. A step by step I put together years ago, but it is surprisingly still of use. Contact microphones may be used to record acoustic waves that propagate through media such as wood, sheet metal, or a block of ice. Doesn’t sound “pretty” in a classical sense, but if you’re into noise and field recordings, you’ll love what you can coax out of an old tin can with one of these attached.” Link.

8 thoughts on “HOW TO – Furious contact microphone assembly

  1. It’s not like this is new or anything. It is more retro (from the seventies) than it is something revolutionair. It’s just cool someone posts it for other people, since the result is neat.

    – Unomi –

  2. i remember doing this stuff when i was a kid – 25 or 30 years ago.

    Ojos de Dios are also neat retro things to make. Along with macrame, applique, decoupage, etc…

  3. wow. I’m honoured to be on the MAKE blog. I love this site!

    Anyway I agree with the comments, it’s not ground breaking and yes there are plenty of more advanced string art examples out there. Hopefully ppl reading this and clicking those links will make something way more advanced than my basic design. I’m just glad more than one person looked at it.

    Thanks to all the ppl at MAKE and Instructables.

  4. well I havee to agree, none of his string art is original, actually none of Andres Amador’s artwork seems to be original. Plagarism comes to mind. He seems to be more of a xerox machine and technician vs. artist.
    Calling this spaghetti of string “art” is an insult to true artists

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