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We are pleased to announce the first film festival that celebrates makers and the DIY mindset – Grab those hacked CVS video cameras and $14 steadycams. It’s time for MAKE: Movies! MAKE: is hosting the first festival for makers to show off their DIY short video clips. Don’t think of it as a contest, because there isn’t much to win if you make the cut… other than the admiration of your peers, a bag of MAKE: goodies, and the chance to see your work on the big (well, medium) screen at the upcoming Maker Faire in April. Our favorite footage will premiere at a special MAKE: Movies! party at the Maker Faire and shown throughout the event. Of course, you’re invited to walk down the asphalt carpet and say a few words about your work. After the Faire, the selections will be available for free download on Makezine.com. So charge those batteries, fire up Final Cut, and… Action!

More about MAKE: Movies here – Link.

Dale, our publisher adds a bit about what we’re looking for – “Movies that show how to do something or how something works or show someone doing something — these are maker movies. We’d like to recognize the creativity and passion of the people who make this special kind of movie.”

Lastly, if you’re a Maker and want to be part of the Maker Faire – Maker proposals are due Monday. Click here to submit your proposal now!