HOW TO – Make a waterproof mp3 player & headphones

Radiorental writes – “Altoids tin mp3 player inside a waterproof latex bag, in a neoprene bag, on a velro wrap, connected to earphones covered in a light silicone layer. phew.”Link.

6 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a waterproof mp3 player & headphones

  1. No offense, but this is not a very well executed project. First of all, there is the problem that water will eventually get in and then fry the electronics when it turns to vapor, so the unit must be removed after each immersion. This could be ameliorated by adding some dessicant packets to the project.

    The other problem is that it’s just so flimsy. MP3 players cost money, so it’s probably a better idea to simply use one fo the commercial bags.

    The section on waterproofing the headphones is more interesting, I suggest you expand on that. Close up pictures, how thick a coating, etc.

    Another good way to waterproof electronics is to mod a pelican case type box.

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