Boston Globe on the upcoming WoWee + Evolution robots – “Your next pet robot will probably be able to do more than terrorize your toddlers and cats. It should also, with a few modifications, be smart enough to pick up the living room and may perform another killer app that roboticists have long dreamt about: It is called, ”Fetch me a beer.”” [via] – Link.

Pictured here, an Evolution bot and a RoboSapien, they won’t breed, so I’ll need to wait until the new ones ship. Also pictured a Roomba – it seems to me like Evolution could just do a serial kit – you’d put a laptop with web camera on the Roomba, plug in via USB/serial/Bluetooth and use the Evolution bot smarts to control the Roomba… actually, this might be possible now – be right back…

Update: Ok, it seems like it could be hacked together, I’ll send Evolution an email and see if they’re up for a project.