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DIY cell phone tracking

Celltrack 485
Our pals at Popular Science have a write up of a low cost way to do your own cell phone tracking – “…Jen, is tracking me. Using a $100 kit from Mologogo (with a $6-a-month data plan), I’ve turned a prepaid cellphone into a GPS tracking device. Every few minutes, the phone transmits my location within 100 meters to, which posts it to a Google map that Jen can access from any computer. She can view my most recent spot or my past 100 recorded locations as little pushpins stamped with date and time.”Link.

DIY GPS tracking with Mologogo – review – Link.

18 thoughts on “DIY cell phone tracking

  1. I’m curious as to where the “DIY” is… I mean, I suppose you have to actually buy the phone yourself, and go to a website, and sign up for a thing; but neither of those are usually considered “DIY”. Oh well, it’s Lunchtime, I’m going to go DIY a hot-pocket in the microwave.


  2. This project talks about GPS, does the phone have GPS built in? It seems that it’s just getting the location of the registered phone mast and sending that, and not very accurate.

  3. I’d love to be able to do this with my treo650 with a gps module installed. The accuracy would be far superior. It could be as easy as an application sending a text message from the phone to a website that plots the lat and lon points on a google map.

  4. Attn. all GSM phone users:

    There is a Zurich based company called “Friend-Zone” which allows you to use your REGULAR GSM-based phone to geo-locate another friend. No need to use that pesky NexTEL service, no sirree!

    Hopefully someone like Mologogo, or someone else will partner with ’em, or something, spare the rest of us who want this service from buying a silly NexTEL phone!

    Just a thought

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