Commodore PET / CBM reto case mod

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MAKE Flickr photo pool member ZSX put a Gateway GP6-400 into the shell of a Commodore CBM 128 – “When I was growing up I had an Apple ][, but what I really wanted, after having read many picture books about computers, was a Commodore PET. To me, the PET was and remains one of the classic computer designs of the 80s, perhaps of all time.Have a look at the Flickr photo set for more pictures! “Link.

14 thoughts on “Commodore PET / CBM reto case mod

  1. its cool. its very cool.

    Its the PC you put in your retro themed room – where you go to get creative.

    Didn’t realise how cool that trapezoidal monitor surround was until now.

  2. seriously this disgusts me, its like taking a model T and making it into a dune buggy. show some respect for our computer history and restore old machines to their original condition and dont gut them to make a friggen case mod!

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