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Profquotes writes – “I’ve been a fan of 3D photography for a long time. Over the years I’ve built a few 3D cameras, but I’ve never taken 3D images of a game world. Many modern games use a 3D render engine, so the information is there, and I’ve taken a couple of 3D shots of World of Warcraft to experiment. “Link.


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10 thoughts on “3D World of Warcraft screenshots

  1. In case these were made by manually changing the POV, this could have been accomplished much more easily [and in realtime] by using NVIDIA’s stereoscopic drivers. Lots of information on this subject can be found at and their forums.

  2. Would be nice if people would star using polarized 3D like they use at IMAX. Lot easier on the eyes and they pop out a lot more life like.

  3. Uncle_Mantis, it’s impossible to use a monitor (CRT, LCD, whatever) to display a polarized 3D image. It’s also impossible to produce a printed image that way. Those 3D IMAXes work by projecting 2 images from 2 sources onto the same screen.

    What a computer can do is strobe back and forth between the two perspectives and you wear synched goggles that alternately blank out your eyes. This tech works very well and I don’t know why it’s not common in mainstream games.

    Bugmenot, I’ll have to look into that. I have and ATI card, but that’s probably worth buying an NVidia card, at least for me. The game would be hard to play in a red-blue anaglyph but it would be fun to experiment with in real time.

  4. @oracle. it is possible. lcd, 2 layers on one screen , one polarized @75^ another @180^ i believe. but anyways i digress that match the polarizations of the glasses to the screens and voila

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