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Clara writes “We’re currently setting up an exhibit Spain’s largest and most prestigious photography festival, about the one month road trip we’ve made around Spain aboard a 5 meter truck we’ve converted into a giant pinhole camera. We’ve taken over 80 photos all around the Iberian peninsula, 20 of which will be exhibited in Madrid this coming june. The truck will be on display as well. Our negatives measure 1,30m x 3m, 3000 times bigger than conventional negatives. We develop them on the floor of the truck, with car washing sponges to schlop on the fixer and developer. Pretty cool. Some american dude we found on the internet is the culprit of the idea. So we decided to get in touch with him last year to bring him over, just because we thought he was nuts, and organize the trip. We’ve also filmed a documentary. It should be out soon.”Link.