MAKE 06 is shipping, lots of robot projects, it’s my favorite MAKE so far! – In this volume build a pair of electronic insects, BEAM robotics, VEX robotics, make a soccer playing robot, T-Shirt laptop pouch, make LED throwies, 3D photos, MAKE controller, RFID for Makers, make a rumble mouse, read Xerox codes, rodent-powered nightlights, floating tower structure – Bug suckers… and more! – Link.

If you want $5 off (USD) -after- the 40% off for subscribing to MAKE, visit the store (here) and use code CMAKE (In the USA it’s $29.95 and you get access to the digital edition, just a login/password, no weird DRMed reader thing and you can share the digital edition with friends. Last up, just looked at the counter here, this post is the 5,000th post on the MAKE blog – thanks Makers! Keep sending your projects!