Leevonk has an Instructable on making your own fablab of sorts –

A good way to make 3D plastic models easily.. You’ll need:

  • an EGX-300 engraver machine (we will use it for milling). I saw it on ebay for $2000 at some point. If you buy from Roland, costs $5000 unless you’re using it for educational purposes (then it’s cheaper)
  • a 3D CAD program that can make .3dm files (I use Rhino 3D)
  • VisualMill software program
  • a computer with a serial or parallel port (to send instructions to the EGX-300)
  • a vacum cleaner
  • milling bits (and drill bits if you need to drill holes too)
  • delrin plastic
  • a hacksaw to slightly modify a piece of the EGX-300
  • mechanical timer
  • glue gun

Full description here – Link.