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Earlier we posted about the what would make an ideal camera for documenting projects – remotely taking photos likely being the most important feature/mod. But, what if you’re going on a long trip and will not have access to a computer to take the photos off? Or worse, not being able to charge the camera. Lugging a laptop, getting tons of batteries and storage cards is an option, but not a very good one. Plus, who wants to carry all that stuff.

So, here’s a quick outline of what I’m about to test… take photos for 7 days or so, not use a computer or electricity to charge the camera. It’s not super cheap, but compared to the options, it’s not so bad – it’s an iPod video, with camera connector and a USB power supply (for iPod and camera). I’m using cheapish digital camera, but it does ok, for every 1 GB of storage, I get 416 8MP photos, 8 hours of voice recording and 1 hour 27 minutes of high quality video recording. With 62 Gigs, that could be up to 25,000 photos and almost 4 days of video. Not bad for about $700… Assuming it all works. You “could” add a solar panel, flexible or single panel, but that gets a bit expensive and adds more stuff. Right now, all this could fit in jacket pockets and everything can be charged via a little USB battery pack… Maybe REI will do a camera one day with all this stuff bundled and ruggedized…


  • Supacam, 8MP, shoots 640 x 480 AVI, uses phone batteries, $329 – Link.
  • 2 GB SD card $50! – Link.
  • iPod video, $339 – Link.
  • iPod photo connector, $29 – Link.
  • USB batter charger, $15 – Link.
  • Documenting projects (photos and video) – some ideas – Link.

If you have other ideas, post up in the comments!

8 thoughts on “62 Gigabyte camera – leave the computer home?

  1. isn’t the 8MP of the supracam interpolated? I don’t think it is actually an 8 megapixel imager.

  2. Recently, my boyfriend and I took a month long trip to Central America. We wanted to do the trip super-light with just a book bag. We had a Fugi FinePix Z1, but certainly didn’t want to put more money into big flash memory cards. No way were we going to bring a laptop either. Solution: Video iPod. Cheaper than flash with more bang for your buck–essentially infinite storage, even for video. It worked GREAT. Since when can you flash play music, anyways?

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