HOW TO – Making a hard drive laser oscilloscope

Hard Drive Oscilloscope 16
Hacked Gadgets has a follow up to to the hard drive laser oscilloscope, here’s how to make one – “A hard drive voice coil circuit is hacked to allow it to be directly connected to a stereo output. This allows audio to move the hard drive read write head. Mirrors are positioned on the center of the platter and hinged on the side to allow a way for the laser to be moved in two axis. The read write head is connected to the hinged mirror so that they move together. And finally a laser is mounted to the hard drive pointing at the hinged mirror. Crank up the tunes and have fun!”Link.

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  1. The military radar issue was major in the UK for a while, but they found they could fix the problem with a software change.

  2. Now the bad guys know what to do to pass incognito to the radars of our mighty military. They can disguise themselves as giant wind powered propeller.

    For those who think windfarms ruin the view, maybe they can be given alternatives: LNG terminal, nuclear power plants, oil reffineries… a few propellers on a stick don’t look so bad after all :)

  3. I’m in central Illinois and sadly must report that radar isn’t the only hangup here showing up in the local papers. Law suites are being filed that the spinning blades of a windmill farm will cause disorientation and nausea to those who live near by. One lawyer claims that looking at the windmills is equivalent to psychedelic drugs (just have to wonder how he knows this?)


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