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Make a Nintendo DS Lite Case from Recycled Jeans


MAKE friend John made a pouch for a nintendo DS and accessories out of an old pair of jeans and some fabric glue. Great quick no sew and recycling project! Link.

4 thoughts on “Make a Nintendo DS Lite Case from Recycled Jeans

  1. Depends on the glue. I used tacky glue to make the case above and I don’t think that holds up too well in the wash. I’m pretty sure it’s water soluble, which actually makes sense as if you were to use it on something just to hold joints while sewing, you could wash it to get rid of the glue.

    I KNOW there are washable fabric glues, it’s just a matter of finding one at your local fabric store.

    Come to think of it, this is a good point as now I don’t think this case is very splashworthy …

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