LED Light pick and LED car messages

Here a couple LED products that are likely good for getting ideas on making DIY versions —

Lightpics-4Up-Black-Web 3
This guitar pick lights up when you use it – [via] – Link.

LED messaging system to communicate with other drives, it has moods, kinda funny – [via] – Link.

18 thoughts on “LED Light pick and LED car messages

  1. A DIY version of the car one would be fun. Especially if it was more like those LED scrollers. I could sit there and scroll and flirt with the hot women that are driving behind me.

  2. who in their right mind would pay $60 for a guitar pick? not to mention that that thing looks huge! i don’t think it’ll replace my jim dunlop medium nylon.

    might be fun to play guitar hero with, though. (if you haven’t, try playing that game with a pick. makes fast stuff easier to play.)

  3. Yeah. I’m sure hot girls are thrilled of the idea of yet one more place geeky guys will be trying to hit on them.

  4. another negative point of mesging hot female drivers is you might make another hot girl full of herself. I prefer the humble, hot girls, thank you very much.

  5. With the remote attached to the windshield, press the buttons to activate messages is very simple to use. The main unit is powered by 4 AA batteries – there is no long wire to the cigarette lighter. Batteries last about 4 months depending on use.

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